Imagine increasing your sexual stamina, erotic connection and intensity of orgasm – in just 21 days. With the Advanced Sex™ 21 day challenge you no longer have to settle for basic sex.
These are just a few of the results you can achieve from taking the challenge:

  • Learn how to reach & sustain 20 minute full-body orgasms
  • More lustful and loving sexual desire
  • Deepened sexual attraction to your lover
  • Men become harder and last longer than ever before

Alex Vartman – creator of Advanced Sex™ has been a tantric practitioner/instructor for 13 years and has put together this scientifically proven 21 day challenge to allow you to experience first hand the effects of the regular 17 day orgasm hangover and how much better you will feel. And it’s even free… You have nothing to lose, other than giving up your regular “basic sex” experience for something more exciting, stimulating and energizing.

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