Does the more sex you have, cause you to want your partner less?
It’s not the sex, it the orgasm —


“It’s counter-intuitive I know.. Fact is the more orgasms you have the less and less you are going to want your partner.” Says famed tantra teacher Alex Vartmen. “The biochemical disruption during regular orgasm can create a repulsion to your partner.”


It is scientifically proven that the regular orgasm disrupts neurotransmitters and hormones in the human brain (namely oxytocin, prolactin and dopamine), and creates a 17 day hangover… with day-by-day consequences.


“We all know the initial honeymoon period wears off. That is the function of the traditional orgasm. From a purely biological perspective, it is bad to have all your eggs in one basket… making monogamy difficult”.


Most people don’t notice the hangover as they have been in it for decades and wonder why they act so irrationally in relationship.


21 days without the 5-10 second peak orgasm clears the brain of this post-orgasm-dopamine-disruption. You keep sexually active but build up the energy instead of releasing it through the regular orgasm. Sex becomes fun rather than goal-oriented, it lasts longer, and you stay attracted to your partner because you keep having unfinished business – in the most passionate sense.


Men and woman not having a regular orgasm for 21 days or more causes the scientifically proven  “post coital dopamine disruption” to clear the brain and

abstenance from these short lived 5-10 second orgasms is replaced in many of The New Tantra students (www.TheNewTantra.com) by the 20 minute full-body orgasm and even a the holy grail of tantra – the womb orgasm which actually increase attraction and peace in the relationship.