The Challenge

More than 95% of us are in constant orgasm hangover – without even knowing it. And worse, the hangover lasts for 17 days – causing anger & conflict in relationship, tiredness, less attraction in our long-term relationships and low energy, just to mention a few.   To test how the regular orgasm hangover affects you, take the 21 Day Challenge AND stay sexually active. This one little sacrifice of the regular 5 second orgasm is extremely rewarding:



  • More energy
  • Cures most erectile disfunction
  • More attracted to your partner
  • Less grumpy
  • Positive
  • Happy like a child but fully sexual
  • Relaxed horniness
  • Cures most premature ejaculation
  •  More forgiving and open hearted – even spiritually
  • Less emotional roller coasters
  • Can produce womb orgasm and full body orgasm.