Advanced Sex™

The Advanced Sex™ program goes beyond basic “friction-only” based sex that only leads to a 5-10 second orgasm for men and women. It opens your body and sexual contractions to let you experience much more intense and satisfying orgasms like the full-body orgasm and cervical womb orgasm that typically lasts for 5 – 20 minutes.


Nearly everybody says they like being horny. The problem with basic sex is that most people say after one or more orgasms it leaves you less horny and low in energy. Removing the short contracted orgasms creates room for much deeper orgasms.


During Advanced Sex™ step 1b, participants experience external dearmouring, thereby releasing blocked energy in the body. This process safely activates sexual life force energy (kundalini) in more than 80% of our students. This completely transforms their sex lives, opening up whole new levels of sexual intimacy and horniness.


Just try it and see if it is true for you!