Welcome to the


Free Tantric Sex Education

by The New Tantra

Animation by power_design / Script and production by The New Tantra
Copyright © 2020 The New Tantra

Welcome to the


Free Tantric Sex Education

by The New Tantra

Animation by power_design / Script and production by The New Tantra
Copyright © 2020 The New Tantra

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Imagine increasing your sexual stamina, erotic connection and intensity of pleasure – in just 3 weeks.

The 21 Day Challenge encourages you to explore tantric sex in the comfort of your own bedroom.

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Anyone can try, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, single or in a relationship.

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About the 21 Day Challenge


From Practitioners

Tips from TNT

Presentation of the 21 Day Challenge by The New Tantra

In this introduction video, Paris from The New Tantra explains how the 21 Day Challenge works in greater detail. Watch the video to learn more about what spasm orgasms are and how to practice “TNT style” tantric sex.

The New Tantra sex inspiration

The TNT-Team members give insights on how it was for them to start practising tantra. Get inspiration and ideas to succeed with your own practice.

Why did they stop with regular orgasms?

The TNT-Team members give insights on what the effect of the regular spasm orgasm is on them and why they stopped with it.

Tantric masturbation for men

Diesel and Constantine talk about how tantric masturbation feels for them as men.

Tantric sex in a woman’s body

Paris, Cheshire Cat and Mermaid explain how tantric sex feels for them as women.

Tantric sex with a new partner

Diesel, Cheshire Cat and Paris give insights on how to practice tantric sex successfully with a new partner and the challenges that may arise.


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More Tantric Sex

Do you want to go deeper and learn more of the techniques from the 21 Day Challenge?
Here are some useful links from The New Tantra you can check out:

Read "50 Misconceptions of Sex"

A down-to-earth and unconventional Tantra Sex manual full of detailed, constructive tools and practices you can start using right away.

Written by Alexa Vartman, one of the world’s foremost tantric sexologists and founder of TNT, learn to have blissful sex at home unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced.

A must-read for anyone with the slightest interest in sex.

TNT Online Courses

These unapologetic and explicit online courses provide step-by-step guided videos on how to greatly improve your physical sensitivity and how to explore deeper forms of tantric sex.

The videos feature in-depth explanations of basic sexual skills from TNT workshop facilitators and bodyworkers followed by graphic demonstrations.

TNT Workshops

This is for the brave ones who would like to catapult their learning curve.

Learn basic and advanced sex techniques in a relaxed group setting instructed by an experienced team of TNT facilitators and bodyworkers.

The aim of these workshops is not healing or therapy.

TNT workshops are accessible to a diverse audience regardless of sexual orientation.

Private Sessions & Online Coaching

Booking a private one-one-on session can be effective for furthering or beginning a tantric journey.

TNT recommends a diverse range of tantric bodywork, dearmouring and sex skills sessions from independent professionals accredited from TNT’s professional training.

An online coach may help you through zoom, skype or whatsapp to move through individual problems in your tantric exploration.

Note: none of these sessions are for healing or therapy.

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